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Chuckle Brothers of Rotherham

History of Rotherham
  • Entertainment
  • birth: Dec 24, 1944

The Chuckle Brothers are Barry Elliot (born 24 December 1944) and Paul Elliot (born 18 October 1947) who are British comedians. They are best known for their work on their BBC show ChuckleVision, having celebrated its 20th anniversary on 26 September 2007.

The comedy of the Chuckle Brothers usually derives from slapstick and other visual gags, and their catchphrases include "To me, to you" and "Oh dear, oh dear". Their mother was called Amy and their father, James Patton Elliott, was a well known Gang Show performer called Gene Patton who worked with an 18 year old Peter Sellers in 1943 in 'The No. 10 Gang' and gave performances in London, UK, the Orkneys, Iceland and the Hebrides, Far East, India and Burma.

They also have elder brothers called Jimmy and Brian who are known professionally as The Patton Brothers and who featured in The Black and White Minstrel Show.

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