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Rotherham Street Pride, Rotherham

Rotherham Street Pride, Rotherham

The Streetpride hotline (01709) 336003 can be used for any Streetpride issue, but reception desk locations, postal and email addresses vary. Minicom 01709 823536 between the hours of 8am & 8pm Monday to Friday.

Follow the link below for the best contact details for the issue which is of interest to you.

However you choose to contact us, your message will be passed onto the right person for action.

Services Include:
Abandoned Vehicles
Bins (Wheeled)
Boundary Walls
Cycling Proficiency (Planning & Regeneration Service function)
Dead Animals on the highway
Dog Fouling (Removal from the street)
Dog Fouling (Report for enforcement action)
Dog Warden
Dog Waste bins
Environmental Wardens
Fly Tipping (Removal)
Fly Tipping (Report for enforcement action)
Grass, Trees and Shrub Beds
Hedges, overhanging or overgrown
Highway Adoption (Planning & Regeneration Service function)
Highway Drainage
Highway Maintenance
Highway Searches
Highway Structures
Litter (Removal from the street)
Litter (Report for enforcement)
Litter bins
arking Meters, Maintenance & Repair
arking Services Enquiries
Parking Tickets, Payment
Paving Stone theft
Refuse Collection
Road Safety (Planning & Regeneration Service function)
Rotherham Wardens
Safety Fences
Signs, Sponsored (This service is provided by Immediate Solutions Limited)
Street Furniture
Speed Humps
Street Lighting & Signs
Street Nameplates
Street Naming (Planning & Regeneration Service function)
Street Works and Co-ordination
Traffic Management (Planning & Regeneration Service function)
Trees & Woodlands
Untaxed Vehicles
Unwanted Vehicles
Vehicle Access Crossings
Waste Management

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